About Grace

Grace Lackey was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and has loved art ever since she could hold a crayon. She spent her younger years in local art classes and doodling on her school work before finally deciding to pursue illustration as a career. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2016 and has been illustrating ever since! When not experimenting with new illustrative techniques, Grace enjoys travelling the globe in search of new inspiration, or finding adventure stateside with her husband and rescue pup, "Killer". 


Phone:  425.381.9879

Email:  gracelackeyillustration@gmail.com


Grace is an illustrator with a passion for creating images that tell a story. Whether through illustration, concept art, or comics, she strives to always convey a sense of emotion with every piece. She works in a broad range of media, from oil paints to watercolors,various digital painting platforms, and even Hershey's chocolate syrup.Her subject matter is inspired by the lush, imperfect beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the little details of places she has traveled. 

Featured in:

·        "God Plants a Garden" by Lamar A. Elder, 2016

·        Series of covers for Deep Kids seasonal anthology, 2017

·        "Keisha and Bobby" by Jessie Maple, 2017

·         Various articles by The Oracles, 2018-2019

·        Concept art for "The Magic Mirror" by Bob Ingalls, 2019

·        "Moe and Lucy" by Nancy Johnson, 2020


·        Winner of Laika’s “Boxtrolls Nike Contest”, 2014

·        Scholastic National Vision Award, 2012

·        8 Scholastic Gold Key Awards, 2009-2012

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